24 June 2022

Is my Horse Trailer roadworthy?

By law, we all make sure that our towing vehicles are road worthy and have passed the mandatory MOT and advised regular service at the recommended intervals. Whilst Horse Trailers don’t require any form of MOT, it’s up to the owner, or user, to keep them in a correct and roadworthy condition. Similar to the…

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24 May 2022

Choosing a Horse Trailer

What size trailer does my horse need? With so many different horse trailers, styles, and travel configurations, sometimes trying to decide which trailer is right for you and your horse can be a mind-boggling decision to make. Firstly, you need to consider how many horses/ponies you are going to be regularly transporting. If you only…

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09 May 2022

Personalising your Horse Trailer

Eye-catching unique graphics custom designed to personalise your horse trailer. Many of our customers want to get their trailer custom branded for many reasons, such as the aesthetics of matching their tow vehicle, advertising on the go, or even making the trailer more recognisable and therefore less likely to be stolen. For equestrian businesses, it…

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07 April 2022

Badminton Horse Trials – We are Exhibiting

Badminton Horse Trials is Back! After 2 years away it feels like a very long break, but now Badminton is back! Showcasing the very best in the Eventing world, Badminton is a prestigious 5* event. It begins with the Grassroots Championships opening the event on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th May 2022. The International competition…

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18 January 2022

Towing a Horse Trailer

Guide to Towing a Horse Trailer from Cheval Liberté With the laws changing in 2021 enabling drivers to tow a trailer under 3,500kg without training or a license, we compiled a handy guide for hitching and towing a horse trailer safely.   IS YOUR TRAILER ROADWORTHY?   Servicing – Ensure your horse trailer and vehicle…

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28 October 2021

Horses and Fireworks Season – 10 Top Tips

10 Top Tips for Horse Owners This Fireworks Season Fireworks Season can be very stressful for horse owners! Here are some top tips on how you can reduce the impact and stress that fireworks may have on your horses… Give your horse plenty of hay to keep them occupied. Leave a radio on playing music.…

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08 April 2021

3 Tips for Towing Horse Trailers Again After A Long Break

Getting back to towing horse trailers  Towing horse trailers can be an intimidating prospect for both you and your horse after a long break. With lockdown restrictions planned to lighten and competition season right around the corner, you might be planning to brush the dust off your horsebox or trailer. To help you get back…

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20 January 2021

Horsebox vs Horse Trailer : Which to choose?

Horsebox vs trailer? It’s a question many equestrians face, which do I choose, a Horse Trailer or a Horsebox? There are obvious benefits to both, and often after some thought, you conclude which is best for you. However, are you forgetting some key things that could put you in Team Horse Trailer? We’re using our…

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15 December 2020

Rebranding – From Optimax to Maxi4, Same High Quality, Just A Different Name

We’ve rebranded our Optimax 4 Horse Trailer – it is now called the Maxi4 Since its release, the Optimax has proved hugely successful and built a great reputation in the UK, European and Worldwide Market. However, in order to keep the Herringbone Range Branding universal, easy to understand and memorable we decided that it was…

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15 December 2020

Rebranding – A Name To Match The One Of A Kind Duomax Trailer – is now Maxi2

We’ve rebranded our Duomax Horse Trailer – it is now called the Maxi2! Since its release in earlier 2020, the Duomax has taken the UK market by storm, offering a spacious, comfortable and safe transport experience, especially beneficial for difficult loaders and travellers. The Duomax Trailer is like no other, and so it’s vital to…

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