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Become part of the fastest growing trailer distributor network across Europe!

At Cheval Liberte Trailers we offer our distribution network the chance to sell high quality trailers that are at the forefront of pioneering advancements and be part of the continuing growth of the brand.

  •    Pioneering development
  •    Designed by industry experts
  •    Continuous improvement process
  •    A unique car-like suspension
  •    Industry leading delivery times
  •    Depth and variety of products that fit the needs of the market
  •    Strong marketing plan with a consistent branding strategy
  •    Strong investment in distributor network relationships

Features and Benefits

Understand why becoming a Cheval Trailers Distributor could be the easiest & best business decision you’ve ever made!

Ever-growing Trailer Manufacturer

  • Cheval Trailers are the leading manufacturer across Europe and their presence in the UK and Ireland is ever-growing. Continuing investment in our distributor network means this is the perfect time to join us and become a leading force in growing the brand awareness of this superior quality trailer range.

Manufacturing Excellence

  • With a factory at the forefront of manufacturing and technical advancements, our trailers and build process are an industry leader. This ability to provide consistent and superior quality means you will always achieve 100% satisfaction when your customers’ trailer is delivered.

Industry-leading Delivery times

  • With highly competitive lead times our distributors benefit from being able to keep quality and fast-moving stock levels. We work closely within our distributor network to ensure consistent communication that offers complete transparency from order to delivery date, ensuring effective and trustworthy business relations.

Unique Selling Points

  • Our trailers are like no other, we have a portfolio of design elements that set our trailers above the competitions. Our unique Pullman 2 Suspension offers industry-leading floor height and its car-like mechanism means it provides our trailers with unrivalled towing and handling qualities. Designed by equestrian experts, Cheval Trailers are made with your customer at the forefront of the design.

Becoming a distributor is simple and easy! What have you got to lose? Get in touch!

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