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About Cheval

Cheval House Trailers

Cheval Liberté is a leading manufacturer of equestrian products including trailers, stables and stable equipment. Established in France in 1995, Cheval Liberté has been developed by people with a passion for horses, being both riders and breeders. The company has a desire to create products that are practical, strong and stylish, to meet the needs of horse owners, trainers and riders at all levels, whether amateur or professional. Cheval Liberte trailers have been developed with the comfort and security of your horses firmly in mind. Our engineers are constantly working on ways of improving the trailer range in terms of strength, durability, comfort - both for the driver and the horses - and general handling and functionality.

Our Commitment
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Our Mission

To perfectly collaborate functionality, safety and aesthetic with the aim of encouraging equestrians across all disciplines to achieve their optimal ability and performance.

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Our Vision

To provide the ultimate travelling experience for equestrians and their horses.

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Our Value

We value the experience of equine professionals and enthusiasts for the knowledge we need to provide products you want.

1845+ Happy Customers

  • Over 25 Years of Industry Experience

  • Top Quality Product

  • Strong Dealership Network

  • Pioneering Designers

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Manufacturing Excellence

Client Testimonials
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“Recently bought an XL diagonal as I wanted to trade down from a lorry when my daughter went to University. However, my Connie is a very poor trailer traveller. Not any more, travelling herringbone with the great suspension no more banging and crashing and ruined leg wraps, Billie now arrives at our destinations cool as a cucumber.”

Dorset, UK

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“We have a horse that is at the base very impatient. But after having equipped this van, he finally calmed down and can now wait quietly until he's out. It's a sociable horse who likes to see what's going on, the optimax suits him perfectly with his 2 wide side shutters.”


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