10 Top Tips for Horse Owners This Fireworks Season

Fireworks Season can be very stressful for horse owners! Here are some top tips on how you can reduce the impact and stress that fireworks may have on your horses…

  1. Give your horse plenty of hay to keep them occupied.
  2. Leave a radio on playing music. This will help to help mask the noise and keep your horse calm.
  3. Double-check you have adequate third-party liability insurance. If the worst happens and your horse escapes and is scared they may cause an accident.
  4. Always stay calm yourself, your horse will respond to your behaviour.
  5. Consider using a calmer syringe a few hours before dark.
  6. Stable your horse if possible during fireworks and leave the stable/barn lights on to mask the flashes and flashes. However, familiarity is key, so if your horse isn’t used to being stabled, now is not the time to try!
  7. Research where fireworks displays are happening in your area so you’re clued up and prepared!
  8. Check the area in which your horse is being kept for potential dangers. Protruding nails, string, anything that when worked up your horse could injure themselves on.
  9. Be sure to have all your vet’s details on hand. If the worst happens you want to be prepared, you will not need any extra stress of searching for details or out of hours contact information.
  10. Whatever you do, do not risk riding your horse when fireworks may be going off.

We hope that these tips help you and your horse to remain calm at this time of year.

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