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Cheval Liberte Horse Trailers – Comfort for your Horses The Pullman V2 has many advantages including a reduction in the ride height of 100mm and exceptional towing and handling qualities.

All Cheval Liberté trailers are manufactured from high quality materials and finished to the ultimate standard. Extensive use of hard wearing and durable materials such as polyester, aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel ensures that their superior aesthetic and strength is retained for many years.

The strength of the trailers has been achieved whilst keeping the weight down to class leading levels.

This superior travelling experience is available for every horse owner, whatever their equestrian sport. We prioritise the safety and comfort of your horse meaning every element of our trailers is constructed with practicality in mind. This along with the Pullman Suspension System ensures that both horse and owner arrive at their destination fresh and ready for optimal performance.

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“Recently bought an XL diagonal as I wanted to trade down from a lorry when my daughter went to University. However, my Connie is a very poor trailer traveller. Not any more, travelling herringbone with the great suspension no more banging and crashing and ruined leg wraps, Billie now arrives at our destinations cool as a cucumber.”

Dorset, UK

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“We have a horse that is at the base very impatient. But after having equipped this van, he finally calmed down and can now wait quietly until he's out. It's a sociable horse who likes to see what's going on, the optimax suits him perfectly with his 2 wide side shutters.”



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Here at Cheval Liberte we pride ourselves on providing superior comfort and safety for horses. We understand that every horse is different, and our continuous feature development means that our trailers can work for every character. Visit our distributors page to find your local distributor or send us an enquiry today for general enquiries and advice. We want you to find the best trailer for you and your horse.

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